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the magden family

April 24, 2016

The Magden family has a sweet new member since their last photo shoot!  What a doll!

boy oh boy oh boy!

April 8, 2016

My sister-in-law will be having her third boy in a few weeks!  We are so excited to meet baby Jacob!  And doesn’t she look AMAZING at 36 weeks pregnant?!

Congratulations to my brother and Becca! We are thrilled for the new addition to our family!

Class of 2016

March 22, 2016

High school graduation is around the corner!  It was a beautiful spring day to take pictures of this handsome senior!

His parents photo bombed the last one! LOL

the knoll family

February 8, 2016

Even their beautiful accessories can’t out due these gorgeous girls!  We lucked out with an 80 degree winter day-perfect for this sweet two month old! Proud big sister was a doll, and full of personality, making this shoot so fun!









January 13, 2016

This sweet family wins the award for the most photo shoots!  I believe this is the 7th shoot I’ve done for them in the past three years!  I’ve seen Miss B grown from a newborn, to now three years old!  Here is their last shoot this past summer.  Happy Birthday!

Every birthday, since birth(!), she has taken a picture next to Mr. Giraffe.

the Cheney family

January 11, 2016

I’ve watched this sweet family grow from four to six in the past couple years!  Click here to see their past sessions! Congratulations on their new son-he is precious!

the Suh family

January 5, 2016

The Suh’s have a VERY special addition this year, and I was honored to get their first family picture as a *party* of six!  They got to bring home their adopted son from South Korea in early December!  His curly hair and beautiful eyes will melt any heart!!  Speaking of melting-yogurt melts are the best way to get this toddler to smile!  🙂  Click here for their family pictures last year!

Halim’s dad and wife’s family jumped in a few shots! What a good-looking group!

the Parker family

January 5, 2016

Fun story- I don’t know this family personally, but the mother, (isn’t she gorgeous?), told me that a year ago she was jogging on the very same bridge we took pictures on, and she saw me photographing another family. She asked for my name (I don’t even remember this), and then she got home and wrote it down. A year later, she got out that piece of paper and found my blog and e-mailed me, and now look at her beautiful family pictures!

the Peck family

January 1, 2016

Our family loves serving and doing ministry with the Pecks!  It is an honor to take pictures for my church family.  🙂  I took their pictures at the very beautiful Bull Creek in Austin.  Click here to see their pictures from last year!

the Graf family

December 29, 2015

Love this momma, and her heart to serve the elementary school both our kiddos go to! Volunteering with her is FUN, and it was equally as fun to capture sweet moments of her family!