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the Pickard family

December 29, 2015

Three month old baby A was adorable in her sweet Christmas dress and bow!  Congratulations to the new family!

the medrano family

December 17, 2015

If you asked me to pick a family that was the most loyal to my photography business, this is the family!  They were one of the first families that took a chance on me way back in 2011!  Since then, I’ve taken numerous sports/cheer/family photos for them!  They always pick fun, Austin-y places for their family photos, and this photo shoot was no exception!  Thank you Medranos, from the bottom of my heart, for all the support these past 5 years!

the Wagner family

December 17, 2015

I had lots of laughs with this family, and their bubbly youngest (whose curls tip you off to her personality)!  Such a sweet family who I’m blessed to serve with at our church!

the Ugwuh family

December 16, 2015

Beautiful day, and beautiful family with a sweet toddler to capture her giggles and grins!

When momma says, “Gimme a kiss!” This is what she does! LOL

the Erickson family

December 15, 2015

Love taking pictures of my brother’s family!  My nephews are so handsome!  And my sister-in-law is expecting again this spring!!

the Moss family

December 3, 2015

Love taking pictures for my friends!  I also love taking pictures of people at meaningful locations…the Moss’ own a boat, and are so generous to take us out water skiing and tubing each summer! We ride under the 360 Bridge when we go with them and admire the beauty.  So many memories of boating with them for the past 5 years+!  Throwback family pictures back in 2012 here!  This year it was all about aerial shots of jumping, I guess that’s normal for a house full of boys!  LOL

the Harris family

December 2, 2015

Meet one of the funniest ladies I know and her two handsome sons!  I am privileged to serve under her at our church-and let’s just say one year I hosted an event with her where she was wearing a turkey costume that needed an air pump to keep herself blown up!  Not only is she hysterical, but her life demonstrates the beautiful story of God’s love and adoption!



The Engstrom family

December 1, 2015

When you have such beautiful children, why stop at four?   This family added number five not too long ago, and she was as precious as the rest of this easy-going, fun-loving family of SEVEN!  I think they win for the biggest immediate family I’ve ever photographed!  (And the longest chorus of “CHEESE!!” I’ve ever heard!)  Here are there pictures from last year!

It was very important to the older boys to get a “silly” pictures…I think they did a great job!

the Richardson family

November 23, 2015

Taking pictures of my best friends is so fun and an honor year after year, (except when one isn’t feeling well…) I feel like this pictures deserves a caption like, “When you just don’t feel like going to the party.”


the men

the Collins family

November 21, 2015

This is the third year to take some of my favorite neighbor’s (and friend’s!) pictures!  Click here for the previous years to see how they’ve grown!